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Many businesses overlook the importance of air quality control when it relates to the air everyone breathes at the business.

Poor indoor air quality can trigger; allergies, dust mites, dander, mold, while spreading through your ventilation system in a vicious cycle. Staff and customers may become sick, agitated and irritated.

If you find any staff or customers sneezing, becoming sick too often, dry throat or nose, you may need to call a professional and ask about commercial duct cleaning services that can clean your duct system and assess the air quality in your business!

Commercial Duct Cleaning Questions

Pricing depends on the size and type of duct system we’re working with. We work with all sizes of homes, businesses, and duct systems. If you’re interested in getting a quote please call us at (204) 777-7827 or send us an email.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Duct systems should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years. Businesses with pets, employees, or children prone to allergies may want to have their air ducts professionally cleaned more often.

Also dryer vents may be prone to clogging more often and could result in reduced efficiency, increased energy costs, as well as being a fire hazard.

The average business takes about 2-3 hours.

The time depends on the size of your business / square footage and the amount of cleaning required. We’re confident you’ll find our flat rate extremely reasonable given the high level of service you will receive from our cleaning technicians.

The particulates circulating throughout your air duct system may include dust mites, mold, pollen, hair, pet fur, and dust, which are proven to cause health complications.

Did you know that dust mites have allergens that can trigger asthma? Or that dust triggers over 60% of asthma attacks?

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5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning is here to help you to Live Clean and Breathe Easy! We serve Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas.

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Our commercial duct cleaning professionals adhere to good environmental practice and sustainable operations. We are committed to helping people make the best sustainable and economic choices with their homes and businesses.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a strong desire and means to provide superior customer satisfaction with a service that is second to none! Our expertise, knowledge, education and experience is driven to set high standards for the Furnace & Duct cleaning industry.

When it comes to commercial duct cleaning and air quality control, 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning is the best in the industry.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, best practices, and trained professionals that take pride in doing a thorough, eco-friendly, complete job the first time, every time (100% customer satisfaction guarantee).

The care and caution approach we take will significantly improve the air quality in your business.

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Randy did our duct cleaning today and we were very pleased to see such a professional service. He took time to explain me everything as it was our first time doing that. I will highly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you!
Steve Samonte
Steve Samonte
Called around and got a few quotes, Randy was quick to reply and had the best deal! Both him and Dylan did a great job, great quality/value and very thorough! I could tell they’ve been doing this for awhile! Will definitely use them again! 5star +++
Bill Melnyk
Bill Melnyk
Randy and crew were great. They explained the process, cleaned the ducts, dryer, etc and the price did not change. I would recommend them to family and friends!
Poznma Maan
Poznma Maan
Randy was super quick to get back to us with a quote and was able to accommodate us very quickly. I was quite nervous to get the furnace serviced and ducts cleaned as this was my first experience as a home owner. However, Randy walked me through the entire process and answered all of my questions. We will definitely be reaching out to them for our next servicing. Overall, it was a very efficient, professional, and friendly service! Would highly recommend them.
leah boughen
leah boughen
Randy was very quick to respond via email with a quote for duct and dryer vent cleaning. He was very friendly, professional and prompt. They did a wonderful job cleaning. Highly recommend using 5 Star Furnace&Duct cleaning.
Opal Davis
Opal Davis
I have been using this company for 3years. Highly recommend. Very affordable, friendly,professional, quality service. Just amazing to work with! Very satisfied.
Kathy Hill
Kathy Hill
Dylan was very professional, thorough and so nice to work with! Will definitely recommend this company and use again for all our HVAC and Duct cleaning needs!
Harmanpreet Sandhu
Harmanpreet Sandhu
Great service. Highly recommend
Stuart BURNS
Stuart BURNS
5 Star Duct Cleaning lives up to their name! There should be a 10 star option. Great advice and great value! Look no further, call Randy.