5 Star Management Team

Randy McDermot: Co-Owner of 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Randy brings a combined of 20 years hands on experience to the industry. Along the way, he has achieved his college diploma in Business Administration. This allowed him to gain tremendous amounts of experience in the senior customer relations and management sectors throughout his career. All of Randy’s experience in management, customer relations and in the Furnace and Duct Cleaning industry compliments his strong desire to provide superior customer satisfaction and a service that is second to none! After working in the industry, he looked at things and knew there can be improvements. He took his expertise, knowledge, education and experience and decided with his Co-Owner that is was time to enhance The Furnace and Duct cleaning industry and bring it to a level where Customer service, quality workmanship and overall satisfaction were our number 1 priorities. This lead to the birth of 5 Start Furnace & Duct Cleaning.

A word from Randy:

“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to serve all of our clients with our patented 5 star system. I invite you to take the challenge yourself and experience the difference quality offers. That is the 5 star mission. I personally guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.”

David Williams: Co-Owner of 5 Star Furnace & Duct Cleaning

David Williams brings over 20 years experience in sales and marketing working with large international businesses and heading up large sales teams to drive business growth. David attributes his success to one idea. The customers are the biggest asset and if they do not feel over serviced and a compelling value then he is not happy. David’s vision is to change the face of the furnace & duct cleaning industry. Through his research it was concluded that there are far too many dissatisfied customers in the industry and companies that don’t have the compassion that is required to be #1. This is why 5 Star will become the best David says as we are changing the way Furnace & Duct Cleaningis done. There is no mystery with us, its solid work with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

A word from David:

It is my job to ensure you are 100% satisfied in every aspect of doing business with us. From the time you call to the time we come down you will be treated with the respect and the honesty you deserve. I will personally do everything within my power to serve you in the way I would like to be serviced and that is a professionally, customer service focus and that you are informed and see the value at the end of the service provided. I look forward to providing you with our 5 Star Excellence system!”

5 Star Furnace is here to serve you

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